Our Team

Émilie Martin – Logistics Officer

Émilie Martin is the initial contact person at the CFÉRO. She greets clients, processes requests, and answers all student and partner questions. She ensures open communication between students, partners and our centre representatives. Responsible for processing referrals, she ensures that all information shared with the centre is kept confidential.


Lise Séguin – Psychometrist, H.B.A. in Psychology

Lise Séguin meets with the students individually. She administers psychometric evaluations and records all data.


Josée Gervais – Manager of Student Success

Josée Gervais manages the psychometrist as well as the logistics officer to ensure that the centre can run efficiently and also ensures that the centre is in compliance with Ministry guidelines.


Psychologist –  CFÉRO

We are presently using the services of an external psychologist.  He supervises the psychoeducational testing process.